Concrete Countertops

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Discover the charm
of concrete

Are deciding what your new countertop, worktop or tabletop will be made of? Are you thinking about wood, stone or other natural material? Discover the charm and benefits of concrete, which not only fits into a modern interior, but also adds an original "touch" to the traditional one.

Stone, wood
or concrete?

The combination of all three materials can create a unique atmosphere, but it is important where you use them. Concrete is cheaper and yet as durable as stone. Although wooden boards and veneer boards are stylish, their problem lies in their rapid wear and regular maintenance. In contrast, concrete worktops are almost maintenance-free and last forever.

Wide range of customization options

Máte radi priznanú štruktúru surového betónu, alebo sa vám páči štruktúra terazza? Uprednostňujete hladký povrch, alebo máte radšej drsný povrch s imitáciou prírodného kameňa? Vďaka rôznym technikám a spôsobom výroby vieme vyhovieť takmer každému želaniu. Samozrejmosťou je voľba farebného odtieňa a povrchovej úpravy, ktorou vieme docieliť rôzne stupne lesku. Vybrať si môžete tiež z rôznych dizajnov hrán. Od elegantných hranatých, po rustikálne oblé či viacstupňové.

Advantages of concrete countertops and worktops

No joints – in most cases, you can see many joints or rifts when using another material for a worktop, because the material is either not produced in the shape you require, or it is simply required by the material processing technology and its physical and technical properties. With each joint, not only its aesthetic design is important, but especially its functionality. Dirt and water are often trapped in the joints, which over time cause degradation of the worktop.

It's different with a concrete countertop or a worktop. Concrete slabs are poured in one piece at a time, and we are not limited by shape or size. After sanding, we get a smooth, seamless surface that is indistinguishable from natural or artificial stone at a lower price.

Color options – the choice of color design is one of the most interesting aspects of the concrete worktop. Whether you choose one color or a combination of them, the possibilities are limitless. Whether you like rustic, modern, elegant, patina or other style, you will ceratinly find what you’re looking for in our color palette.

Interesting shapes – unlike quartz, granite or laminate, concrete worktops can be shaped as you design them. When creating molds, we use a system of edge profiles, with which we can achieve almost any shape and perfectly clean edges. In addition to the basic rectangular edge profiles, we also offer round or multi-angular rustic edges.

Wide range of customization options it's up to you what appearance of the concrete worktop you choose for your kitchen, bathroom or other interior accessory. They can be simple worktops in the color shade you choose, or slabs with decorative colors, textures and patterns. To achieve imitation of granite, marble or terrazzo, we can add different types of stone aggregates to the concrete mix. During processing, it is also possible to insert various objects into the concrete, such as shells, fossils, recycled glass, etc. It only depends on you what type of effect, color contrast and size of the added material you choose.

Sealers – in addition to its primary impermeability function, sealer repels most food and beverage residues, such as lemon juice, vinegar, mustard and red wine. Thanks to a wide range of sealers, we can create different degrees of gloss. From matt, satin, glossy to mirror-gloss surfaces. With the help of sealers, we can make the product suitable not only for the interior, but also for the exterior.

Maturing over time – concrete develops a patina over time. The worktop will retain its natural mechanical and structural properties, but at the same time it will change its appearance over time.

Advantages of concrete
  • Safety
    Concrete does not mold, and does not decompose.
  • Durability
    Highly resistant to mechanical damage.
  • Strength
    Withstands high mechanical stress.
  • Fire resistance
    Concrete is a non-combustible material.
  • Harmless to heatlh
    It doesn’t release any dangerous substances.
  • Formability
    Concrete can be formed and modeled into almost any shape.
Customization options
  • Forms and shapes of edges
    Square, round, decorative
  • Surface textures
    Smooth or raw concrete. With stone, slate or rock imitation.
  • Colors and color effects
    Integral pigments and water-based paints.
  • Degrees of gloss
    Matte, satin, glossy, mirror-gloss.
  • Surface treatment
    Suitable for interior and exterior.

"Apart from kitchen countertops and worktops, we can cast almost any other type of slabs, such as concrete window sills, stair treads, shelves or other parts of your interior."

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