Concrete Countertop Sink EDGAR Grey


Countertop sink made of grey concrete for the bathroom, kitchen and garden. It is hand-cast from white concrete using a prefabricated mold. The bottom part of the sink is hollow, made by GFRC (fiber reinforced concrete) technology, which gives it the same durable properties of a classic monolithic concrete casting at a lower total weight. It is sold as an interior solitaire without a water tap or a seal. The sink is treated with a 3-layer SiAcryl 14 sealer and is also suitable for the exterior. If desired, the sink can also be integrated into a concrete slab of any shape.

• exterior dimensions: 515 × 395 × 165 mm
• internal dimensions: 420 × 290 × 135 mm
• weight: 19,5 kg

We can adjust the shade of the used concrete mixture or surface treatment to the customer's wishes. Contact us at or 00421 903 464 763.

Additional information

Weight 23,5 kg
Dimensions 605 × 500 × 370 mm