Questions regarding custom manufacturing

The price usually starts at 150 € /m (for a standard width of 60cm) with VAT, including work and materials, depending on the complexity of the worktop. We manufacture concrete slabs either in our workshop or on site. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Concrete slab production usually takes 3–5 weeks.

The price starts at 40 € / m2 with VAT, including work and materials.

With an ideal flat surface, the microcement is applied in 1–2 layers. In this case, you can have a micro-cement plastering on the floor or wall ready in 3–5 days. However, it must be taken into account that during this time the layer must not be manipulated with or stressed in any way. Drying time in wetter areas may be extended. Also, the application time varies depending on the articulation of the surface.

If you didn’t choose any sink from our e-shop and you are interested in an original custom-made sink, do not hesitate to contact us. In this case, the price is always individual. The price includes the design, mold making, material and processing.

The production of a concrete sink takes 4–6 weeks.

Questions about DIY production

With the help of our DIY products, you can make a concrete countertop yourself. We will advise you on how to do it and what mistakes to avoid so that you are satisfied with the result of the work and your worktop looks as you had imagined. If you do not know how to start, send us a layout of your kitchen unit for which you would like to have a worktop made and we will calculate and prepare the material that you would need.

While mixing the cement mix, you can add stone granulate with different grain size and color to the mixture. This will produce interesting material effects, such as the resemblance of terrazzo or granite. However, in the case of using a thicker granulate, you will have to take into account that the surface of the final slab will not be completely smooth, or that you will have to sand it in a few steps to achieve a smooth surface.

Yes, you can use another mix from another manufacturer, designed for the production of concrete slabs, for casting with our products. Be sure to use a concrete mix that has a comprehensive strength at least 45 MPa and follow the manufacturer’s exact instructions.

If you want to tint the concrete, you can add one of our pigments to the mixture while mixing. Either an integral COLOR PACK to highlight white, gray or black, or one or a combination of several colors of Z TERRA TINT pigment. You can also use water-based paints Z AQUA TINT or Z AQUA SATIN UV for tinting. Each surface colored in this way will change its saturation depending on the type of sealer used. Therefore, we recommend that you make a test on a small sample before the actual realization.

Counterform profiles are made from patented PVC 3 mm thick mix, so they guarantee reliable drying stability after pouring. This guarantees that you will achieve beautifully clean, straight edges like a professional.

You can cut the exact edges of the corners with the Z EDGE EXPERT SET. You do not need any special tools. With this tool you can cut the profiles for inner and outer corners.

Thanks to the patented design of Z Counterform profiles, you can easily take off the profiles by pushing on the upper edge of the profile downwards and reveal clean, smooth edges.

No, the concrete does not stick to the inside of the Z Counterform profiles even after the concrete has hardened. The profiles are polished and have a glossy surface, so the concrete stays smooth on the edges after peeling.

No, because the lower edge of the profile remains part of the concrete slab after you remove its side part.

Yes. Cement board has properties that make it ideal for cast concrete use. It is strong, dimensionally stable, does not bend on contact with water and reacts with concrete, making it an integral part of it after the concrete has hardened. We do not recommend anything other than a cement board.

No extra reinforcement is required with a standard board without any cut-outs or overlaps. Just use our fiberglass mesh.

Yes and no. It depends on the sealer used. Some concrete surfaces will have a darker richer, more contrasting shade, others will not not. Before application, we recommend testing it on a small area. You can find more detailed information in the surface treatment section.

Thanks to a wide range of sealers, you can create different degrees of gloss. From matt, satin, glossy to mirror-gloss surfaces.

Questions for online sales

If you have not used the goods, you can return it within 14 days of receiving it, without stating a reason. The goods must be properly packed, without signs of use and wear. A copy of the invoice must be attached to the returned goods. You can find more information about returning goods in the terms and conditions.

Because we make and cast our original products such as sinks and interior accessories by hand, they may slightly differ from each other. Each such product thus becomes a unique original.

As you might think, concrete is not the lightest material. In the case of finished products cast from concrete, we also state the approximate weight. For the production of custom sinks, we use GRFC technology, which reduces the weight of concrete to a minimum.

Although we tried to prepare all color samples in such a way that they match the reality as much as possible, it cannot be relied on with 100% certainty. However, this is common with every remote sale. This is because your computer monitor may display colors differently than other monitors. It also depends on the type of concrete mix used, the lighting conditions of the environment and the surface treatment / sealer used for finishing. Therefore, if you want to have complete control, it is good to do some tests on a small sample.

If you need us to answer more questions, do not hesitate to contact us. If you need more info on DIY production, click on our subpage with instructions.

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