Microcement Surfaces

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Concrete look

If you are thinking about changing your interior, look for inspiration in the possibilities of microcement application. Microcement can be applied to various surfaces, in order to achieve a concrete look without the need for major construction interventions. It can be applied to walls, floors, shower enclosures, kitchen worktops and other surfaces.

Wide range of application

The microcement can be applied to almost any sufficiently solid surface (brick, plasterboard, plastering, wood, etc.). It can be used without much effort in various reconstructions, as it does not require the removal of old surface. You will achieve a completely new, modern look with minimal effort. 

Customization options

The microcement mixture can be freely customized to match your interior and taste. Thanks to the surface treatment, we can achieve not only different degrees of gloss, but also that it is suitable for the exterior. With the help of 3D textures, we can create a natural look of stone, slate or travertine surface.

What is microcement

Microcement is a decorative layer of cement mixture that achieves a concrete look without the need for complex construction modifications. Our microcement consists of a three-component mixture, based on Portland cement, silica sand, and acrylic copolymer. As it only needs to be applied in thicknesses from 1.6 to 3.1 mm, it becomes the first most versatile micro / macro product from microcement mixtures on our market.

Application - application of microcement is possible on any sufficiently strong substrate such as brick, plasterboard, plastering, wood, etc. In addition to walls, it is easily applicable to stairs and floors.

Advantages - the microcement can be applied in one / two layers. Thanks to the exceptional self-leveling properties, it saves time during finalization. It can be used without much effort in reconstructions, as it does not require the removal of the old surface. As it can withstand higher mechanical stress, it is suitable for garages or commercial spaces. Each microcement surface is treated with sealer, which in addition to protection ensures the impermeability of the surface to water and oils.

Customization options - we offer a large number of color pigments. By mixing them together, we can achieve any shade of color according to your ideas. With the help of the right sealer, we will achieve that the final product is suitable not only for the interior, but also for the exterior.

Advantages of microcement
  • Simple application
    It is applied only in one or two layers. 
  • Application
    On walls and floors, suitable for interior and exterior.
  • Colors and textures
    Choice of any color. With stone, slate or travertine imitation.
  • High durability
    It is impermeable to water and oils. It is stable against UV radiation (it does not lose color), it is resistant to scratches and abrasion, it also withstands higher mechanical stress.

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